Natural Wine All Week Long :: Natural Pét-Nat at Dio Mio

Natural Pét-Nat at Dio Mio

Dio Mio celebrates Natural Wine Week with Pétillant Naturel, aka Pét Nat.

“Pét Nat” is the OG way of producing sparkling wine. Unlike traditional-method sparkling wines, like Champagne, which add sugar and yeast to dry, still wine in order trigger a second fermentation and produce bubbles, pét-nat works by bottling wine that is only partially fermented. As the first and only fermentation continues in bottle, the resulting CO2 is trapped. After a period of rest that can be as short as a couple of months, the gas is absorbed into the wine as bubbles and the pét-nat is ready to drink.

By-the-Glass for Natural Wine Week:

Nana Vins et Cie “Bubbly!” 2017 $10/glass
“Maisons Bulées” Blanc 2017 $6/glass

Date: All week long!
Place: Dio Mio Pasta • 3264 Larimer St, Denver