Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 :: Hobo Wine Company Wines at To The Wind Bistro

Hobo Wine Company Wines at To The Wind Bistro

Hobo wines will be served by the glass all night long at To The Wind Bistro.

“Hobo is my tribute and homage to a freedom and an era that I grew up romanticizing.  Instead of becoming a hobo, I became a “Hobo Winemaker.” Of the two ways to make wine, with and without money, the first should probably be the only, but a few of us slip through the cracks and do it on the skinny. No winery, no vineyards, no truck, no warehouse, no employees…nothing. There are advantages. Making small lots comes naturally, the flexability to pick and choose grape type, vineyard, appellation, and winery on an ongoing basis, and a larger circle of people involved which means more ideas and expertise.”  – Kenny Likitprakong (Owner/Winemaker)

Located on an unassuming stretch of East Colfax, To The Wind Bistro serves inventive, skillful and of course delectable food.  Founded by husband and wife team Royce Oliveira and Leanne Adamson this 20 seater has the vibe of your best friend’s home.  Welcome to your new favorite restaurant.

Date: April 19th, 2017
Time: 5-9pm
Place: To The Wind Bistro // 3333 E. Colfax , Denver

No reservations. Only complete parties will be seated.


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